Building a Better Search Engine

By | July 27, 2007

Via Technology review,

[…]After 30 years, it’s finally reached a point where it can be brought into the world[…]

A search engine that would finds the best answer by considering the meaning and context of the question and related Web pages, I’m dreaming about it, they said they nearly achieve it!
We will have to wait until September to test it, but after 30 years I really hope they made something great. Now I just have to work on my English or the search engines will not understand my queries anyway… they did not write about multiple languages support.

[…]Powerset extracts deep concepts and relationships from the texts, and the users query and match them efficiently to deliver a better search[…]

I’m looking forward to say goodbye to our keywords oriented search engines (G.Y.L) 🙂

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