SEO Keywords Position: Already an Update!

By | July 19, 2007

Search Engines Optimization
Two days ago I published my attempt to build a tool helping me to analyze the positioning of a website in function of the keywords used.
Now this SEO tool can do much more:

  • Analyze the results from, and
  • Analyze up to 4 website positioning in the same time
  • Analyze an array of keywords separated by a comma (first keywords, second keywords, keyword)
  • Analyze depth can vary from first 100 results to 500.
  • Display the first results for each search engines and for each keywords
  • Display information from Google (pagerank, number of link, number of indexed pages, number of pages with the keywords in the url or in the title)
  • Present the number of people that saved the URL in
  • Present the tag cloud from
  • Display the number of blog linking to this URL (via
  • Display the authority of the highest blog linking to the URL
  • The analyze can be long depending of the option you choose, so take a coffee, play music or make a smaller analyze 😉

    Try it by yourself: Seo Keywords Positions Tool
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