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The week in search advertising 3/15/2014

Episode #3 of the weekly review of search adverting! Covering the week ending on 3/15/2014. Native Ads are not engaging readers Some data shows that native ads are not getting as much attention from the visitors This can be somewhat improved if the ad creative is of good quality Source: marketing land Twitter experiment on… Read More »

The week in online advertising (ending 3/9/2014)

I’m slightly increasing the scope of this series to capture a larger part of the online advertising (instead of focusing on search advertising only). Focusing on mobile is solving yesterday’s problems The focus should now be on ads that work across multiple screens Focusing on reach is where we are trending today Source: Forbes 8… Read More »

Adobe offers to Google and Yahoo! Flash Player Technology – Is It Really A Good News?

I’ve just read via the AXNA that Adobe, Google and Yahoo! worked together to allow SWF searchability. My first thought was ‘finally they made it’ 🙂 But while reading the FAQ I’ve been a little disappointed by how this indexation seems to happen: […]The Flash Player technology, optimized for search spiders, runs a SWF file… Read More »

Tired of having my Blog Spammed…

Lately someone found a hole on my wordpress blog and use it to inject hidden links. I was a bit reticent of upgrading my wordpress as I had customize it with a lot of my own functions but enough is enough! So I’m going to reinstall a fresh new wordpress and say goodbye to my… Read More »

Apple wanting to buy/merge with Adobe?

Just sharing the fun 🙂 I know some will get mad reading this sort of title, but it’s funny enough to be shared. By ‘funny’ I don’t understand impossible neither feasible ;=) Here are more information on that UBO (unidentified buying object), by order of reading: Bits and Buzz Apple seeking a reunion with Adobe?… Read More »

Ads for Adobe Pdf powered by Yahoo! – A Bad Idea?

On 28th November Adobe and Yahoo! announced their partnership to display ads in generated pdfs. […]an opt-in service that enables online commercial publishers to drive new revenue by including timely, contextual ads next to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)-based content[…] […]Ads can only be displayed within Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, in a panel adjacent… Read More »

Web 2.0 and Advertising

Very interesting article from Dale Dougherty at O’Reilly Radar. After displaying a (quite boring but illustrative) video, the author look at the changing world of advertisement with the Web 2.0. […]The concept behind this video is that advertisers think they know consumers and know what they want but they really don’t[…] […]Will my online profiles… Read More »