AIR Application Visible from the Browser: the Browser API

By | January 3, 2008

As you certainly already know, the Adobe AIR beta 3 is out since mid December. I’ve just read on Oliver Goldman’s blog about a very interesting API added to AIR:

The ability to detect and launch AIR-based applications from within the browser, this API lets you do the following from within the browser:

  1. Install an AIR-based application
  2. Detect if an AIR-based application is installed, and
  3. Launch an (installed) AIR-based application.

Now that is great, so we can prompt someone to download our AIR application if he hasn’t previously installed it and else we can launch the application. So if you have one application that works for several website you can allow them to use it…
I need to find some free times to see if we can also transfer some args. to the applications from the browser to the applications (from to AIRapps.exe).

Despite all the security issue that run along the Badge installation of AIR applications I think it is really a nice move and a great improvement. I already know that I won’t have time before February but after this date you can expect some tutorials on AIR very soon 🙂

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