Bye Bye Vista. XP, Welcome Back!

By | February 2, 2008

This is the last blue screen I’ll tolerated from Windows Vista, if you didn’t make your migration yet, don’t! I’ve been very ‘polite’ with him, I even re-installed being careful of not installing unstable software on it. Just a look on Google, 1 650 000 link to “Vista Blue Screen”, whereas “XP Blue Screen” will only have 281 000 results.

Bye Bye Vista!


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3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Vista. XP, Welcome Back!

  1. zwetan

    well if you have a migration to do
    try Mac OS X 🙂
    and run bit of win XP in a VM

  2. Ahmet

    Thanks Zwetan, I’m already on it!
    I was talking about an AMD processor, so no OSX for him 🙂