Acid Test #3: Your content will be Safer With Flash!

By | March 5, 2008

The Acid test suite checking the browser compliance with certain web standards.
Since April 2007, the version #3 of the Acid Test is open to the world and the results are impressively bad to nearly all web browsers.
According to a Wikipedia article the test is a suite with 100 subtests, in six groups, called “buckets”:

  • Bucket 1: DOM Traversal, DOM Range, HTTP
  • Bucket 2: DOM2 Core and DOM2 Events
  • Bucket 3: DOM2 Views, DOM2 Style, CSS 3 selectors and Media Queries
  • Bucket 4: Behavior of HTML tables and forms when manipulated by script and DOM2 HTML
  • Bucket 5: Tests from the Acid3 Competition (SVG[5], HTML, SMIL, Unicode…)
  • Bucket 6: ECMAScript

Below is the reference result you should have at the end of the test:

Acid 3 Reference Result

Here are some results I got from common browsers:

FireFox 52%

Acid 3 Firefox

Opera 9.26: 36%

Acid 3 Opera

Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11: 13%

Acid 3 IE7

Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180: 12%

Acid 3 IE6

And some people are still wondering why Flash is so useful???
Need to have cross-platforms/cross-browsers content, without testing and debuging your sites/applications on every browsers: use the Flash Player :=)

Acid 3 Test


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2 thoughts on “Acid Test #3: Your content will be Safer With Flash!

  1. Ahmet

    Stelt, I have to agree,
    Flash is a proprietary format and thus not very open. Yet, the evolution in the last two years is quite promising, in terms of standards and of openness.