Silverlight Becoming Platform Agnostic? Flash Lite Targeted.

By | March 4, 2008

It was a great surprise to read that Nokia will help Microsoft to port Silverlight to S60 platforms (also S40 and Internet Tablet later). It is certainly a smart move from Microsoft to target the biggest market first (Nokia got 53% of the worldwide mobile device market) but it’s quite strange from Microsoft to target first Symbian then Windows mobile (maybe one is more stable than the other?).

[…]”There is clear market demand for rich, Web-based services across a variety of device types, but developing these can often be commercially difficult. For Microsoft this extends Silverlight to a broader range of vendors, platforms and devices. For Nokia it expands the web runtime options on its devices, enabling a wider community of developers and more applications. This should help the uptake of higher speed mobile services and advance a new era of anytime, anywhere device-based computing”, said Bola Rotibi , Principal Analyst at Ovum.[…]

Anyway, read the complete article from ZDnet, or read the press-release from Nokia and go back to Flash Lite 3.0 😉


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