A son, a new job and a relocation

By | January 25, 2011

There have been quite a lot going on in my life the past months, following the timeline of the events:
Most importantly, my wife gave birth to a healthy and beautiful son, named Baptiste. He is already quite tall and is wearing 3 month cloth after only 1 month of life :).
Few weeks before, I learned that my office in Zurich was shutting down and that my job was relocated in Redmond / Washington.
My wife and I planned to move to Redmond in a few years but with the unexpected closure of the Zurich development center we decided to take a shortcut in our plan and to accept the relocation offer. The decision was not too hard to take and I must say that I am super existed to be working in the mothership of Microsoft. Although Zurich is a beautiful city that offers incredible life quality I was never able to get myself to the Swiss German culture, probably because I am so Swiss Frenchy :).
The most annoying part of this move will be to get so far away of my family and friends but as I learned from previous experience friendship is not a link that can be broken by long distance.
The current plan is to have my family and me moving to Redmond in end of June 2011. So until then I will enjoy having team meeting in the middle of the night with my new team :).

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3 thoughts on “A son, a new job and a relocation

  1. Cédric Tabin

    Hey man !

    How are you doing ? Still coming sometimes in Geneva ? I wish you all the best for your relocation and hope you’ll have the change to come back to Switzerland 🙂


  2. Ahmet Post author

    Hey Cedric!

    Not often in Geneva… I hope we can organize an AUGG party before I relocate, I am missing the pizza + lemoncello nights!

    Thanks for your message.