6 years of blogging – time for a change!

By | July 16, 2012

Six years ago, I was still a student at the University of Geneva, I decided to host myself a blog in order to be able to share my ideas and views with other people. It was also a convenient way for me to be able to remember some random ideas I would have read or learnt.  

I quickly realized that nobody was reading my blog 🙂! So I changed the switched the main language to English instead of French, this helped quite a bit to increase the number of visitors. I remember that I was really proud when around 30 people per day would visit my blog.
With time my focus and the focus of this blog sharpened on web design and web development (mostly Macromedia/Adobe Flash). Being actively focused drive this blog high in page rank and I had a decent amount of daily visitors (for a personal blog, that said).

Since my professional focus shifted from web design and development to software engineering and testing, the focus on this blog has been lost. Frankly, I am writing about too much random stuff to be able to capture someone attention.

In computer science there is a known paradigm, called divide and conquer, that state that to fix a complex problem a solution is to divide it in simpler problems. Starting today I will apply this paradigm to my online presence.

I am a software tester by profession and I am passionate about software testing knowledge and theories. I have opened a blog dedicated to software testing: testingpatterns.info where I will be blogging about software testing whenever I have something to write. Join me there if you are interested by software testing :).

I work at Microsoft, on Lync server and I own the testing for Response Group Service and Call Park Service. I have opened a while ago a blog on MSDN dedicated to this topic. Join me there if you are interested by Lync server response group service and call park service :).

What about metah.ch / ahmetgyger.com blog? Well I am going to use this blog only for more personal related blogging, giving my point of view on technologies and sharing some information about my life in the US.

Thanks for reading!

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