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Flash Lite Device Profile Update

Just had the info from the Flash Mobile Group : new device profile update(#4) for Flash Lite Emulator. Device Profiles on Adobe. Addition of the following new devices that support Flash Lite 1.1: * iriver U10 * Motorola L7 * Nokia 5500 * Nokia 6131 * Nokia 6136 * Nokia 6233 * Nokia 6234 *… Read More »

Open Source Web Conferencing

Dimdim is a Web Conferencing open source tool, still in Alpha-Version that seems to have a great future. There are a lot to say about it so I prefer to give directly the link 😉 By now it’s only work on IE and is full of bug but the idea is awesome. I guess it… Read More »

Flashforward Podcasts-Video

If like me you hadn’t the luck to be at Austin for the Flashforward, you still can gather some informations 😉 Don’t miss the Videocasts from the Flashforward blog (lot of resources). Other various resources : Rhjr, FlashMag, A.Balkan. I can’t wait to see the final Adobe Flash9 (early 2007) 😀 Ahmet   0 Kudos… Read More »

Adobe Flash 9 public alpha is out

For real, Flash Professional 9 is out in public alpha ! Meaning we can begin to familiarize with Actionscript 3 within the new IDE. Download page here Here are some interessing link ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference ActionScript 3.0 overview Tips for learning ActionScript 3.0 Building an image-viewing widget with ActionScript 3.0 Exploring the Flash Professional… Read More »

Adobe Developer Week Record

Here are the links for all Sessions of the Adobe Developer Week. It’s seems that some are a bit slow, anyway this is a gold mine.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Flash Conference in the UK

Flash on the Beach conference is the first major Flash conference in the UK for over 6 years! Over 40 of the world’s most talented Flash designers, developers and artists presenting on 3 tracks over 3 full days with mixer get togethers each morning and evening for essential networking opportunities. Flash on the Beach has… Read More »

Want to get crazy?

Try to buy the Flash Lite 2.0 Player from Switzerland and you will understand 😉 My first link to the FL2 player made me go to the US adobe shop, which make impossible for me to buy (as I must go to the Switzerland Shop). So I go to Switzerland Shop and logged in, then… Read More »

Adobe Developer Week

[From Adobe Dev Center] For the first time ever, Adobe will host an online Developer Week conference, June 12–16, to share with developers the background and significance behind the Adobe Engagement Platform—and provide real-world sessions to illustrate how the platform works, the Adobe products it comprises—such as Flex—and its impact on the developer community. I’ll… Read More »

Aperture future in question

Apple recently asked the engineering team behind its Aperture photo editing and management software to leave[…] […] hope for Aperture’s future is that the application’s problems are said to be so extensive that any version 2.0 would require major portions of code to be entirely rewritten. […] an entirely new engineering team could salvage the… Read More »

The new edge newsletter is out

The first edge newletter to be published since Adobe has buy Macromedia. In this new edge, they write about : Flash lite Flex 2.0 beta 1 Vine project Lightroom Videos pro studio Adobe developer relations Case study Sites that Inspire (3 only) I’m sure you want to read it by yourself, adobe edge newsletter  … Read More »

My First Night With Premiere Pro 2.0

Well Adobe did a nice work with this version #2, the interface is clearer, lot more of new video and audio effect, and there is no problematic change for a #1.5 user. In the Audio I did noticed no difference (?), but Adobe have also realease Audition 2.0, which I will inspect as soon as… Read More »

The new Adobe tryouts are out

Permiere pro 2.0, after effects 7.0, audition 2.0,… All the tryouts are now ready to be downloaded, premiere pro is still only for windows user. Anyway be sure to meet the System requirements, and for AMD user SSE2-enabled processor IS required (AMD 64). Go to the tryouts page on By the way, adobe has… Read More »

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.o & After Effects 7.0

Adobe premiere pro 2.0 and after effects are out now, you can take the premiere tour or the after effects tour. There still is no download tryout but it shall come soon, I hope.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!