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Buzz Monitoring about Adobe Apollo

Here’s a quick post to show the number of post containing “Adobe Apollo”. I post it here because I had already see some chart of Technorati, but never found were it was… (okay maybe it’s obvious but forgive my blindness). This tool is very useful for marketer but it’s not the only tool that we… Read More »

Apollo: Using the File System API

Wondering why I didn’t see it earlier, but there is a free chapter (about the file system API) from the book: Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers. Yes it’s only for the Alpha of Apollo (alpha to be out Mars 16th) The book is sell as a Developer’s Reference for Apollo’s Alpha Release for Flex developers,… Read More »

Flash Lite 3 Is Coming… Soon!

2007 is going to be great for developers and service providers using Adobe technologies. The CS3 suite is coming soon and I’ve just read, via actionscript hero ,that Flash Lite 3 is also going to be release in the half of 2007. The big news about Flash Lite 3: video! With Flash Lite 2 the… Read More »

Photoshop CS2 Lessons

Monday at the Nomades (IT school in Geneva), I’ll be giving Photoshop CS2 lessons. It’s already the third time I teach an Adobe technologies. My first time was with Flash, my second time with Premiere Pro and now Photoshop. I feel myself very lucky to be able to change the topic at each time (even… Read More »

CSS Advisor beta : An Online CSS Cookbook

The news was nearly unseen with the release of Photoshop CS3, but Adobe has also release a new web tools as beta : CSS Advisor. We already heard of if during presentation of Dreamweaver 9 (or CS3 ?) but I didn’t knew it was out. It’s a “cookbook” style site, with problem, solution and Detailed… Read More »

Premiere Pro 2.0 Lessons

This week I’ll give at “Ateliers Nomades” lessons about Premiere Pro 2.0. It will be in French. There are still room so if anyone is interested in it please contact the Nomades as soon as possible as it begin Monday at 2pm. It’s a 5*3 hours Premiere pro tour from the workspace to advanced use… Read More »

More News About Apollo

Mike Chambers has posted an update about Apollo on his blog. He talk about general update in the developemnt of Apollo and present a simple example of write/read file system. Some interesting quotes : […]Remember, that this is a full HTML engine (WebKit), so all HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc… is supported.[…]take an ActionScript object and… Read More »

Apollo Developer Release Timeline

Just read on DMXzone about the new presentation of Mike Chambers. After making a short introduction to Apollo, he speak about the “tentative timeline” of Apollo Developer Release. It will be early 2007 if the timeline is respected. In his presentation he also shown some example of Apollo app. but no new example (for 3… Read More »

Flex test-drive for Java developers

Are you a Java developers with no knowledge in Flex ? Well it’s a shame 😉 But there is sometings you can do, in the Adobe Developer Center there is a great article about using Flex with a Java backend. Read article from Christophe Coenraets at Adobe Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Adobe: to sue or not to sue Microsoft, that is the question

[…]Adobe is struggling to discover how to turn its applications into advertising supported free software over the Internet, with Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen explaining in German that Google’s success with Picasa is something they cannot ignore. However getting Photoshop to work through a web based interface would simply be too slow at this stage, claimed… Read More »

Kuler, create and share color theme

Adobe release a new web based app to create and share color theme online. Really nice work and it’s working great. For non graphist like me it’s a great tool to get correct color theme 😉 Visit Kuler website. Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

AUGGenève Première rencontre

La première rencontre de l’AUGG (Adobe User Group Geneve) se déroule aujourd’hui à 18h. Si vous êtes dans la région de Genève et que votre emploi du temps vous le permet, venez nous rejoindre pour le verre de présentation! La séance sera relativement courte et à pour seul but de nous presenter et de rencontrer… Read More »

Adobe User Group Geneva

Things begin more serious for the future Adobe User Group of Geneva, I’ve received the “go” from Adobe, the URL has just been settle on. You can already subscribe to our mailing list (so you’ll have all the information you need). I’m looking forward to hear about creative people in the region of Geneva, Switzerland.… Read More »

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom beta 4

From the labs : Beta 4 is the biggest milestone to date, with several enhancements and additions, including the achievement of full feature parity between the Windows and Mac OS versions of Lightroom. Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom beta4, or here watch some video tutorials Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!