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WMI and CSharp (C#): Enumerate all Namespaces from Root

I like to understand WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) as a database, main concepts are: Namespaces: Databases Classes: Tables Properties: Columns Instances: Lines Values: Fields With this in mind, we can start enumerating all the namespaces we can access locally. Running this program will display: Next step is to enumerate all classes from a Namespace. This… Read More »

Using URLVariables()

URLVariables Class allow you to send or receive data from an URL encoded feed (with the data property of the URLRequest class). There is so two possible use: Sending parameters to a server side script Read parameters written from a server side script The use is quite simple, let’s start by building the PHP file… Read More »

JSON and AS3 URLRequest Class

A while ago, the as3corelib has been published on Google Code with a useful tool: JSON encoder and decoder. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight computer data interchange format (that is intended to solve XML structure weight), that allows you to send Object (Array, Strings, Number, …) to your server scripts or to JavaScript.… Read More »

Deploying Adobe AIR Applications – Badge Tutorials

The very often criticized Badge installer for AIR applications (for cause of security) have a nice tutorials explaining how to use and configure it for your own AIR applications. You can read this tutorials from the Adobe AIR Developer Center. this tutorials was done by David Tucker. Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

ASTRA: ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications

I followed a link to ASTRA from Flashbookmarks. Strangely I never heard about ASTRA althrough I already knew Yahoo! had a Flash developer center. So what is ASTRA? Well, ASTRA, the ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications, is Yahoo!’s collection of Flash and Flex components, libraries, toolkits and advanced applications. These libraries are open-source and available… Read More »

AIR Code Samples

Daniel Dura has posted on his blog two presentations (introduction to AIR & Flex 3) he made during some events (AIR tour & MAX). Along with his presentations is an archive of Flex Builder project, that contain most of the code he showed. Here is the list of sources you’ll find in the archive: Application… Read More »

3D Pathfinding in AS3

[via: Beedigital, draw.logic] Source code to download of pathfinding with AS3 in 3D! The actionscript architect Paul Spitzer has posted two killer demos of pathfinding using A* in AS3/Flash 9 using the Away3D engine (derivative of Papervision3D that is taking off) and you can download the source for both. These demos not only highlight the… Read More »