Tired of having my Blog Spammed…

By | April 9, 2008

Lately someone found a hole on my wordpress blog and use it to inject hidden links.
I was a bit reticent of upgrading my wordpress as I had customize it with a lot of my own functions but enough is enough!

So I’m going to reinstall a fresh new wordpress and say goodbye to my functions 🙁 Until I rewrite them…
It is totally useless to express my hate of spammers, finally they only use a security hole I couldn’t find and use to their advantage the algorithms of pagerank and back link of most of search engines.

This situation remember me the early ages of search engines where most of the search you would do would show unrelated content (with the meta tags abuse). Although search engines results aren’t as worst as they used to be more than 10 years ago…

Expect this blog to change soon 🙂


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