Signing Off on Quality

By | September 28, 2010

As a tester, quality is what matter most to me. Interestingly, quality is pretty much the hardest thing to evaluate. One way, which I find useful, is to aggregate the metrics from multiple aspects of quality to have an overall view.

Some important aspects of quality:












What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Signing Off on Quality

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  2. Elia

    My 2 cts:

    Quality being how a given software fulfills his purposes, assessing it has to start with the goals of the software itself.

    A client is not a kernel, a flash game in a web site isn’t a nuclear reactor.

    Moreover, when human beings are involved the perception of quality matters more than measurable metrics: e.g. ceteris paribus substitute a spinner with a progress bar to increase the perception of responsiveness.

  3. Ahmet Post author

    Thanks for your feedback Elia,
    I am not sure that quality is how software fulfills his purposes, it is much more complex. Engineers are often surprised how their software is used by consumers that is why I believe we need to look at all aspects of quality, even those not obviously part of the scenario. In the above table, fulfilling a purpose is called functionality.
    On the other hand, I totally agree that the expectation on quality should be based on the usage of the software (medical, military, government, etc.), but that would be only for economical reason. I would be really glad to have a Flash game that has as good quality as a nuclear plant (but not the reverse!).
    Last point, about the human perception, this would fit under some aspects as: learnability, usability, reliability and analyzability.