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Creating a Powershell session under a different set of credentials

Below code can be handy if you need to create a powershell session under a different credential than the one you are logged into. This allow to support multiple scenarios: Test role base access control Increase privilege for important operation [powershell] # Avoid displaying the UI prompt when creating credential object Set-ItemProperty ‘HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PowerShell\1\ShellIds’ ConsolePrompting $true… Read More »

Signing Off on Quality

As a tester, quality is what matter most to me. Interestingly, quality is pretty much the hardest thing to evaluate. One way, which I find useful, is to aggregate the metrics from multiple aspects of quality to have an overall view. Some important aspects of quality: Reliability Functionality Usability Efficiency Maintainability Portability Learnability Analyzability Testability… Read More »

TOP 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors

An agreement has been found by expert regarding the top 25 most dangerous programming errors. Very interesting list indeed, nice point is that we can find a lot of details on how to avoid these security errors. Obviously the dangerous part of these errors is that they can be exploited… Insecure Interaction Between Components Improper… Read More »

Testing a Textfield in 10 points

I’ll post some tips about testing during the time I learn. So if you have any comments or tips to add, feel free to comment! Here a 10 values I submit to test a textfield: An empty value () Zero (0) A string made of whitespace (   ) String containing spaces (foo bar) Name containing… Read More »