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Azure Machine Learning Deployment at Scale Using ARM and AMLPS.

Introduction In this post, I will demonstrate how to do a simple but useful scenario when managing Azure Machine Learning Workspaces and Experiments, copying all the experiments under one workspace, deploy a new workspace using ARM (Azure Resource Manager) in another region, and then copy the experiment under the newly deployed workspace. Preparation You will… Read More »

How to change a service startup type with PowerShell

Changing a service startup type can be crucial after installing or configuring the service. PowerShell comes with an easy way to do so: Set-Service –Name theservice –Computer thecomputer –StartupType “selectedType” Where selectedType value can be: Automatic Manual Disabled Unfortunately, there is no support for the automatic (delayed start). To support the automatic (delayed start), you… Read More »

How to start or stop a remote service with PowerShell

An easy trick but often helpful in need of automation. I recently noticed that it was not possible to do: Start-Service –Name theservice –Computer thecomputer Instead we have to follow this rather ugly way: (Get-WmiObject -computerName thecomputer Win32_Service -Filter “Name=’theservice'”).StartService() To stop the service, same idea: (Get-WmiObject -computerName thecomputer Win32_Service -Filter “Name=’theservice'”).StopService()   0 Kudos… Read More »

Effective PowerShell: The Free eBook

Just found a free eBook on PowerShell, I have downloaded it here: Effective PowerShell. PowerShell is a new recent command line shell and scripting language from Microsoft, the V2 CTP3 is available to download. Have fun 🙂 Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!