Convincing your Boss to Use AIR – Step #1

By | February 29, 2008

AIR LogoIn an over charged world of projects management and ideas, it sometimes hard to gather the attention to the ultimate decider (your boss or yourself) to use new technologies.

I started at the beginning of this week to seed (and water it  ) my boss brain with new possibilities with AIR. Some techniques worked greatly and some did not…

I’ll try to gather all the different move I’ve made (and I’ll make) and let you know what to do and what to avoid 😉

My first step was to present to my boss what our existing technologies could be with AIR, all the advantages of desktop applications, supporting internal database, connections aware and finally demanding very few adjustment to our already existing application to be deployed.

Just told him about the few times involvement and the small budget to allocate and you’ll make a positive point in your argumentations.

The second day, very enthusiast I told him about the easy installation process and the lightweight of the plug-in: bad idea! Technical argument won’t, most of the time, speak to entrepreneurs.

If you are, like me, pushing your boss to shift to AIR, be smart and follow this thread ;=)

Any advices are welcome…


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