Monthly Archives: February 2008

AIR – Java and Your Desktop

The incredible advantage that Desktop application have on web application is the connection with the local computer (other application, file system, computation, …). Unfortunately the mix between AIR and desktop properties are not as far as Java or C. The most wanted functionalities are to launch native application through AIR and integration with native libraries.… Read More »

Apple wanting to buy/merge with Adobe?

Just sharing the fun 🙂 I know some will get mad reading this sort of title, but it’s funny enough to be shared. By ‘funny’ I don’t understand impossible neither feasible ;=) Here are more information on that UBO (unidentified buying object), by order of reading: Bits and Buzz Apple seeking a reunion with Adobe?… Read More »

Bye Bye Vista. XP, Welcome Back!

This is the last blue screen I’ll tolerated from Windows Vista, if you didn’t make your migration yet, don’t! I’ve been very ‘polite’ with him, I even re-installed being careful of not installing unstable software on it. Just a look on Google, 1 650 000 link to “Vista Blue Screen”, whereas “XP Blue Screen” will… Read More »