The week in search advertising 3/15/2014

By | March 15, 2014

Episode #3 of the weekly review of search adverting! Covering the week ending on 3/15/2014.

  • Native Ads are not engaging readers
    • Some data shows that native ads are not getting as much attention from the visitors
    • This can be somewhat improved if the ad creative is of good quality
    • Source: marketing land
  • Twitter experiment on click to call ads
  • Native ad spotted on The Wall Street Journal
    • Transparent, quality, and rare
    • Source: Digiday
  • Google experiment desktop to mobile retargeting
    • As cookies don’t really work on mobile devices, they use a “hashed tag” dropped when a user visit the advertiser’s site that ties to the cookies and device of the user.
    • Source: Ad Age
  • Addressing the Bing dilemma
    • 1/3 of all US search traffic goes to the Yahoo Bing Network.
    • There is a revenue opportunity to advertise on Bing (disclaimer: I work for Bing Ads)
    • Source: Search Engine Land
  • Facebook is showing autoplay advertising video
    • Facebook is willing to display only quality video, and will have a company gauges the commercials
    • Source: Business Insiders
  • Ads Worth Spreading
    • Some beautiful ads, for the creative folks J
    • Source: Ted
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