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Apollo book, free to download :)

One week ago I wrote about the new book from O’Reilly: Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers. Now this book is free to to download directly from the labs. The main Chapter are : Introduction to Apollo Getting Started with Apollo Development Using HTML Within Flex-Based Apollo Applications Using the File System API Apollo Mini-Cookbook So… Read More »

ActionScript 3.0 Books are here !

I just discover at O’Reilly that the new book from Colin Moock is out in “Rough Cuts Version”. It’s really time to learn AS3 and even more for people only used to develop using a non object oriented programming language. The publication date for Essential ActionSript 3.0 is in June 2007, but with rough cuts… Read More »

Free E-book : Web Designer’s Success Guide

Are you a freelance or wiling to be one ? If yes, I suggest that you download your copy of the Web Designer’s Success Guide. In this free e-books you will find a lot of useful tips to start you freelance business. Book overview : Transition from full-time to self-employment Freelance on the side to… Read More »

Next Generation Wireless Applications

I just finished reading this book (it’s already an old book from 2004), about the Next Generation Wireless Applications written by Paul Golding. It’s a very refreshing book that give a good review of what is now possible with mobile phone. The introduction chapter gives an example about how mobile phone could be use in… Read More »

New Flash Books

There are new books from Friendsofed, And 2 did attire me greatly. I’ve already download the E-books 😉 The first talk about my this time preferred topics : Flash Application Design Solutions: The Flash Usability Handbook Flash Application Design Solutions shows you how to harness the power of ActionScript 2.0 and make the most of… Read More »

Books I read this month

Here are the books I read this month, comming from the University Librairies, Les sites Web : conception, description et évaluation[Stockinger Peter] The Art & Science of Web Design [Jeffrey Veen] Usability for the Web [Tom Brinck, Darren Gergle, Scott Wood] Big Book of Typographics 1 and 2 [B. Duncan, Roger Walton ] Penser le… Read More »