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Schedules – impact on the team and on the project

This post is a continuation of my series extracted from Scott Berkun’s book: How to make things happen. In this series, I have already shared my thought and diagrams about making decision, about building trust, and about dealing with crisis. Below diagram is about schedules (not your personal schedule but a team schedule). The interesting… Read More »

Effective PowerShell: The Free eBook

Just found a free eBook on PowerShell, I have downloaded it here: Effective PowerShell. PowerShell is a new recent command line shell and scripting language from Microsoft, the V2 CTP3 is available to download. Have fun 🙂 Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Thinking in Flex

That may be a great news for all the newbie in Flex, accordign to Michaël Chaize, Bruce Eckel (the author from Thinking in Java) and James Ward are preparing a book for developers willing to learn Flex. Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Ads for Adobe Pdf powered by Yahoo! – A Bad Idea?

On 28th November Adobe and Yahoo! announced their partnership to display ads in generated pdfs. […]an opt-in service that enables online commercial publishers to drive new revenue by including timely, contextual ads next to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)-based content[…] […]Ads can only be displayed within Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, in a panel adjacent… Read More »

EBook: Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers

After offering the Ebook “AIR for Flex Developers“, Danny Dura, Kevin Hoyt and Mike Chambers has release a new book: AIR for JavaScript Developers. The free Ebook is available on Ajaxian. The pocket guide covers: Introduction to AIR Getting Started with AIR development Working with JavaScript and HTML within AIR AIR Mini Cookbook Command line… Read More »

A mobile web developer’s guide

While reading Scott Janousek’s blog (a post about creating and testing mobile web sites with Adobe CS3), I followed a link to a free Mobile Developer’s Guide. The book is interesting and gives a nice overview of what mobile developer can do to offer a better experience to their visitors. In Switzerland it is definitely… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence Is Lost in the Woods

Very interesting article published inTechnolgy Review, written by David Gelernter (professor of computer science at Yale University) about the understanding of AI and it’s future. Credit: Eric Joyner Introduction: Artificial intelligence has been obsessed with several questions from the start: Can we build a mind out of software? If not, why not? If so, what… Read More »

Structural Web Marketing: free E-Book

Nearly one month ago, I had my public presentation of my Licence. I promised you to put it online, now it’s done. It was about structural web marketing or how using fundamentals structures from Internet and web-marketing methods to promulgate the popularity of a website for the distribution of a mobile application (FoxyTag). I will,… Read More »