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Flash is not open-source for the moment, but we are not against it

Adobe Products
Interesting article from where they interviewed Simon Hayhurst, director of video numeric products at Adobe, and Frédéric Massy, marketing director, about the presence of Adobe and his future.

Read the translated version (originally text is in French).

Here are a few interesting quotes:

[…]Flash is not in fact open-source for the moment, but we are not against it
[…]The web is an environment which is changing very rapidly, and we have the R & D teams to advance Flash the best as possible. But one can imagine that, in due course, when the format will be more mature, Flash will also be open source.
[…]Yes, we have a few projects related to Flash. We have a Media player in development, to take advantage of Internet video. It is a sector that has actually just started, and that has a tremendous growth curve. And then there is AIR, which is a technology that allows applications to create classics, but related websites. It is a tool to be always connected, even without launching a Web browser.[…]


Adobe AIR is now 1.0! Welcome in a New World :=)

Monday 25th of February, AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), already considered as a top ten technology by Technology Review (The MIT magazine) for offline web applications is send out in the Galaxy.
For more information you can also read the article from the New York Times on the impact of AIR.

If you didn’t started yet with AIR don’t worry! It’s just a single click away for your web applications to be on the desktop. With a few more lines of code you can have rich interaction with the desktop.

Start here.

Or go tonight to your local User Group (tonight in Geneva).


Get ready for ActionScript 4.0!

As you certainly know, ActionScript 3.0 is based on ECMAScript language. The new edition of ECMAScript is in preparation (ECMA-262 Edition 4) and will most certainly shape the future of ActionScript 4.0.

Colin Moock is going to do a lecture at FITC about these changes. You can access his lectures notes ‘What’s new in ECMAScript 4.0?‘ or access to the ECMAScript documentation page to have more information on it. It’s also a unique way to get the preview of ActionScript future :)


Creating more secure SWF web applications

Interesting article written by Peleus Uhley for the Adobe Developer Center about creating more secure SWF web applications.
This article will help you set all the security to protect your SWF from threats, for example:

  • Cross-domain privilege escalation
  • Spoofing
  • Malicious data injection
  • Script injection into the browser
  • Insufficient authorization restrictions
  • Unauthorized access to data in transit
  • Unauthorized local data access
  • Cross-site request forgery
  • DNS rebinding

The article ends by a useful ‘auditor checklist’ for controlling dangerous functions.
I warmly advice this article!


Learning AS3 from Books, freely…

I just realized how much free content we can get from Google Books. If you don’t have enough money to buy all the books about ActionScript 3.0, why don’t you just read them online?
Make a search for ActionScript 3 on Google Books and you will find some incredible title (not complete but still enough to start).

Here are some books you can start reading right now freely:
Essential ActionScript 3.0
ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook
ActionScript 3.0 Design Pattern
Flash CS3: The Missing Manual

Enjoy your readin :=)