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Using URLVariables()

URLVariables Class allow you to send or receive data from an URL encoded feed (with the data property of the URLRequest class). There is so two possible use: Sending parameters to a server side script Read parameters written from a server side script The use is quite simple, let’s start by building the PHP file… Read More »

JSON and AS3 URLRequest Class

A while ago, the as3corelib has been published on Google Code with a useful tool: JSON encoder and decoder. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight computer data interchange format (that is intended to solve XML structure weight), that allows you to send Object (Array, Strings, Number, …) to your server scripts or to JavaScript.… Read More »

W3C working draft: Use HTML(5) not Flash or Silverlight

Just read this news from Tim Anderson’s blog, it appear that the W3C working draft has a statement about the use of proprietary UI languages. As an open, vender-neutral language, HTML provides for a solution to the same problems without the risk of vendor lock-in. BUT: For sophisticated cross-platform applications, there already exist several proprietary… Read More »

360° Video with Papervision

I just stumble upon this demo of Papervision playing a movie filmed with a 360° camera. You can then see in all directions what is happening in the movie… That is really incredibly great! Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

ASTRA: ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications

I followed a link to ASTRA from Flashbookmarks. Strangely I never heard about ASTRA althrough I already knew Yahoo! had a Flash developer center. So what is ASTRA? Well, ASTRA, the ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications, is Yahoo!’s collection of Flash and Flex components, libraries, toolkits and advanced applications. These libraries are open-source and available… Read More »

Adobe Bordeaux: no it’s not about wine…

This new codename from Adobe hide a nice move from Adobe. They seem (as it is not confirmed yet by Adobe) to be preparing a software that would simplify Flash for the none coders: Adobe Bordeaux is the codename for a new product for graphic designers, art directors, creative directors, and others who don’t need… Read More »

Click to Activate to be Removed by April 2008

[…]As a result of recent technology licenses acquired by Microsoft, the “click to activate” restrictions are no longer mandatory. Microsoft plans to remove the activation behavior from Internet Explorer in April 2008. Microsoft has indicated that developers will not need to make any modifications to existing websites; controls will function as they did before the… Read More »

Adobe MAX 2008

Ted Patrick has announced the future location of Adobe MAX 2008: San Francisco Amsterdam Bangalore If there is no major shift in my life until then I’ll certainly be heading to the Amsterdam’s one 🙂 Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Adobe 2007 European User Group Tour

It’s with a lot of pleasure that I’m working on the organization of the Adobe European User Group Tour that will make a stop at our local User Group. Our meeting will take place on November 16th and will focus on Adobe AIR and the future of the Adobe Flash Platform. I’ve you live in… Read More »

Flash 10: Sneak Peek

[via beedigital] Watch this video, the future of Flash is really cool, Flash is heading more and more to complex MC interaction and 3D: Live video rendering on stage 3D + filters Live Timeline visualization: Beziers Path for animation!!! Path can be saved for other MC Skeleton structures for movie clips (drawing an animated arms… Read More »

Flash Player 10 Preview : Video from MAX 2007

Aral Balkan has published a video, taken during the keynote at MAX Chicago 2007, about the preview of Flash Player 10 (codename: ASTRO). […]Adobe showed off the new RTL, multi-column text engine, the new 3D features, and the new bitmap effect scripting language, Hydra.[…] I’m not so much impressed about the Text feature, as the… Read More »