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Determining your User’s Cognitive Style: The Future of Web Design?

Really interesting article from Technology Review about a Paper written by John Hauser, Glen L. Urban, Guilherme Liberali and Michael Braun. It is about finding the user’s cognitive style (“a person’s preferred way of gathering, processing, and evaluating information”) by analyzing their pattern of click. In around 10 clicks the system can figure out whether… Read More »

Bridges to Understanding

Just watched this great video from Phil Borges on ‘Documenting our endangered cultures’ at TED. I also love the idea of ‘Bridges to Understanding‘, take a look an act if possible 🙂 Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Why We Tag? Motivations for Annotation

I’ve been very interested in tags lately, for me tags are the perfect combination between human and computer. Computers can easily links a lot of tagged content together while human can easily tag complex document. Computer can’t extract the semantic of document and human can’t recall all the document concerning a topic… Now let’s focus… Read More »

Social Tagging Affect Human Memory and Human Search

Very interesting article from ‘The blog of the Augmented Social Cognition Research Group at Palo Alto Research Center‘ about the effect of social tagging on memory. […]As reported in the paper, the results suggest that: * In the type-to-tag condition, users appears to elaborate what they have just read, and re-encoded the knowledge with keywords… Read More »

W3C working draft: Use HTML(5) not Flash or Silverlight

Just read this news from Tim Anderson’s blog, it appear that the W3C working draft has a statement about the use of proprietary UI languages. As an open, vender-neutral language, HTML provides for a solution to the same problems without the risk of vendor lock-in. BUT: For sophisticated cross-platform applications, there already exist several proprietary… Read More »

When Military Technologies help Protecting Humans

A bit off topic for this blog but this news from Wired is still interesting IMHO. A Geo-Information technologist, has been using satellite photography to help NGOs document atrocities in isolated crisis zones like Darfur, Zimbabwe and now in the Union of Myanmar. […]To catch human rights abusers in the act, Bromley will need a… Read More »

Google to let you Vote for Search Result

[Via TechCrunch] Google is working on a new experience within their search result, offering a way to the users to customize their search (voting for or against a result). Unfortunately this behavior would be only for the users not for all the research neither than for a network of friends / coworkers: […]This experiment lets… Read More »

Semantic Search Engine – Database and User Input

Very basically we have created a technology which can represent the world’s knowledge in a form that is clear and accessible to humans, as well as being comprehensible to computers. This is different from the knowledge stored in websites and books, which is written in natural language that is good for humans, but incomprehensible to… Read More »

How Microformats Relate to the Semantic Web

Interesting article about the Semantic Web written by James Simmons about RDF VS Microformats. Before some quotes from the article, some really basic information about Microformats: Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Instead of throwing away what works… Read More »