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I’m a Happy Dad!

Friday 8 June 2007, my daughter was born 🙂 I’m so much happy, it’s really an incredible experiment. She was waited for the 28 of june, but she thought that it would be nicer to come during my exam of algorithm and data structures. Thanks to god everything went well and my daughter and my… Read More »

An incredible week

This week was the most thrilling of my live, all begun with a move from our old and little flat to an other one, much nicer and bigger. Then I presented my license thesis, were I had a correct result (5.5 / 6) and finally (and the best part) I had my wedding with my… Read More »

Adobe and Google: Enemies?

Very interesting blog post from Tom: Adobe: Google’s Best Kept Secret Enemy. Here is a copy from his Final thoughts about it: As you can see, Adobe and Google are squarely pitted against one another. The only problem is that they both share a common enemy: Microsoft, who is bigger and tougher than both of… Read More »

Yahoo drives more traffic than Google !

Maybe I didn’t keep well informed but for me Google was from far the most visited search engines website. But according to Alexa (a traffic ranking company), is far more visited than Google. Well, it might not be as true as they wanted us to believe. Not that Alexa is working to promote the… Read More »

Free Wifi Everywhere: Whisher

Initially I’ve heard about it during the Liftconference. WHISHER allows you to share your WiFi and roam the world freely, chat, talk and share files at high speed. Download it now for free! The map seems completely empty by now but it might be just a question of time. I love the idea of free… Read More »

New Job: Project Manager

I’ve signed this morning, I’ll now be Project Manager at MBA-Exchange (an international marketplace for top business talent) for the Front-End Web Development department. I’m really looking forward to this new experience, I certainly will learn a lot from the team and it’s exactly the topic that interest me. It’s now my last month as… Read More »

When viral marketing backfire on Sony

[via Digg] Sony asked to “Zipatoni” (it’s a marketing company, or should I say WAS, because I wouldn’t like to be in their position) to make a viral marketing campaign. All webmarketer even young students like me, know that web marketing is nearly impossible to control and should be used very carefully. Nevertheless Zipatoni marketer… Read More »

100 seconds: Mobile TV News

Since middle of November I’m working as a Multimedia Operator for the 100 seconds a service proposed by Swisscom and created (content) by TSR. The idea is to get the news as soon (or nearly) as they arrived in the Media Channel (EVN, Swiss Ring, …). From 6 am to 23 pm, you get alert(sms… Read More »

From Flash Lite to SIS

I’ve been lately doing a few research on Flash Lite topic. In my point of view, one of the best arguments of Flash Lite was XML capabilities and Shared Object Shared Object definition from flash help: Flash Lite shared objects lets you save data persistently to the user’s device. For example, you might use a… Read More »

What slows mobile development?

In my point of view, mobile world has 3 big problematic, first is Os and Platform and the wide variety of mobile generation, second is connection cost, third is user expectation. It’s how I see the mobile world from Switzerland, I don’t know how is it in the rest of the world but to begin… Read More »

WOM : 43 Ideas You can Implement Tomorrow

This one is for marketer, from Womma: 43 ideas to implement your WOM strategy. Although some are obvious other are really interesting. And well, in my point of view, the Buzz marketing should really be implemented in early development. What are the user wishes ? What could be the must “Sexy new development”? How can… Read More »