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Flash Lite Texts Enhancements

I was a bit disappointed with FL, I tried to load a CSS but nothing happened. A few click later I knew that FL does not support CSS. What we can do is very basic, but there is still things to do with dynamic text. FL support some Html tags : p (with align), br,… Read More »

Flash Lite: State-of-the-Art

A brief history Flash Lite is the player of “Adobe Flash Player” specifically designed for use on mobile phones. Version 1.0 was launched in February 2003 in Japan, Flash Lite adoption has been quiet successful with 25 different Flash Lite pre-installed handset models. Since October 2005 version 2.0 exist. Flash Lite 2.0 features – Video… Read More »

Flash Lite – XML, my updated visit card

Since Flash Lite 2.0 the use of XML is now possible. So I wanted to update my old CDV made in Flash Lite 1.1. There is no special difficulties the only trouble I encounter was the loading of the XML itself. XML can only be loaded in a none absolute link. The only way I… Read More »

Shared Object in Flash Lite

As I blogged about some days ago, I had to wait before receiving my Flash Lite Player for my mobile phone and that did just get me crazy. But now I’ve received my Flash Lite Player 2, so I can test my applications. The first part that takes my attention was shared object as I… Read More »

Reasons for embracing flash lite

Mariam Dholkawala (from Indiagame) presented yesterday a great presentation about Flash Lite and the work of Indiagame. The presentation was made possible by the work of The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group. Mariam has also list the reasons of embracing Flash Lite : Easy adaptability Cost and time effective development Author once and… Read More »

Want to get crazy?

Try to buy the Flash Lite 2.0 Player from Switzerland and you will understand 😉 My first link to the FL2 player made me go to the US adobe shop, which make impossible for me to buy (as I must go to the Switzerland Shop). So I go to Switzerland Shop and logged in, then… Read More »

Mobile TV for you and me

From Cnn : Television viewing on mobile phones will reach the masses by 2008, the world’s largest cell phone maker Nokia said on Thursday. I hope (and think) that Flash Lite will take this market.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

My Visit Card

I have read around recently about Flash Lite business cards, so I thought i would post mine. It was done with Flash Lite 1.1. It’s simple dynamic textfield loading the data from a txt file online. So if I have to change my phone number, my address or anything else it will directly be updated… Read More »

Flash Lite 2.0 for Flash 8

The labs have put online the update of Flash Lite Player 2.0, free for developpers(just enter your IMEI number, normaly use *#06#, we can now make Flash Lite 2.0 files in Flash Professional 8. Go check it here. Flash Lite 2.0 new feature are : Flash 7 code base and actionscript 2.0 Video playback External… Read More »

Flash Lite Player 2.0 disponible

Le player Lite d’Adobe est enfin disponible à l’achat! Malheuresement il faut avoir un Nokia (3230, 6260, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, N70, and N90) pour y avoir accès et payer 10$. Dès janvier les kit de developpement devront être accessible depuis le labs de macromedia. Je vous conseil de voir la note… Read More »

Online Seminar : Flash Lite 2.0

Ce mercredi ou ce jeudi ( au choix) ce tient le seminaire online de Bill Perry, il portera sur flash lite 2.0. Vous pouvez vous inscrire ici.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Creating Mobile UI Interfaces for Rich User Experiences

Reste peu de place pour le seminaire de ce soir. Voilà les points traités : What You Will Learn * Flash Lite as a viable way to develop mobile UI interfaces * Mobile user experience and navigability concepts * UI input methods * Development tecniques to deliver UI interfaces for your mobile applications Thursday, December… Read More »

Certification Flash Lite Pro gratuite (enfin presque)

Marco Casario a posté sur son blog un lien pour avoir un bon pour une certification flashlite. Il suffit de d’envoyer 7 questions soit sur Flash MX 2004, Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8, ColdFusion 7. A mon avis c’est une bonne façon de se faire tout un stock de question rapidement pour the donath group, mais… Read More »

Forum Nokia S60 3rd Edition Challenge

Je prend cette info de Flash Devices: un défi chez Nokia, 4 catégories : Application d’entreprise Application et service sur la localisation Application pour music sur mobile Application Flash L’échance pour s’inscrire est le 15 décembre, vous pouvez le faire depuis le site de Nokia.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!