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A son, a new job and a relocation

There have been quite a lot going on in my life the past months, following the timeline of the events: Most importantly, my wife gave birth to a healthy and beautiful son, named Baptiste. He is already quite tall and is wearing 3 month cloth after only 1 month of life :). Few weeks before,… Read More »

My First Last Day :)

Today is my last day in the first 100% (non freelance) job I had. It’s funny to see how man can be attached to a team and to an environment. It was a great experience for me, they recruited me even before I finished my MS, 1 and 1/2 year ago. I learned a lot,… Read More »

Adobe offers to Google and Yahoo! Flash Player Technology – Is It Really A Good News?

I’ve just read via the AXNA that Adobe, Google and Yahoo! worked together to allow SWF searchability. My first thought was ‘finally they made it’ 🙂 But while reading the FAQ I’ve been a little disappointed by how this indexation seems to happen: […]The Flash Player technology, optimized for search spiders, runs a SWF file… Read More »

Back to the Army, for 3 weeks…

I still remember this cold and foggy morning, doing some exercises. This morning, I’m leaving again to give my services to the country, well I wished I could be more useful 🙂 Anyway, this blog will most certainly be muted until I come back, in May. So, bookmark or grab the RSS feed and wish… Read More »

Tired of having my Blog Spammed…

Lately someone found a hole on my wordpress blog and use it to inject hidden links. I was a bit reticent of upgrading my wordpress as I had customize it with a lot of my own functions but enough is enough! So I’m going to reinstall a fresh new wordpress and say goodbye to my… Read More »

Master of Science :=) Youupppiii !!!

Well that’s a great news, I received earlier the results of my last exam: I’ve finally got my Master of Science in Information Systems and Communication (oriented in technology). This year was a great one: I got married, became a Dad, passed a lot’s of exam, had my new job, 5 month as a project… Read More »

Apple wanting to buy/merge with Adobe?

Just sharing the fun 🙂 I know some will get mad reading this sort of title, but it’s funny enough to be shared. By ‘funny’ I don’t understand impossible neither feasible ;=) Here are more information on that UBO (unidentified buying object), by order of reading: Bits and Buzz Apple seeking a reunion with Adobe?… Read More »